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Honto Yajuu - Tomoharu x Aki
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Honto yajuu Tomoharu x Aki
I felt like there was some missing buildup or some missing scenes. It just wasn't developed right.
"Gosh, you look so weird in white!"
On the other hand, I felt sort of connected to Jona too. I don't care for guns, though I'm fine with most other weapons. I also tend to be very quiet and ...
And we all know what happens after it appeared in the OP, Tomoharu's eyes turn red and then some freaky monster appeared… could it be Tomoharu's Daughter?
They end up visiting everyone in the hospital. Rikka is now blind in one eye, but she says that Tomoharu will save the world anyways, so she's not worried.
It throws around a lot of scientific and psychological theory as well as facts which may throw some people off. If you try to analyze it too much, ...
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Takahashi x Haruhiko▫Mankai Darling by Yamamoto Kotetsuko
OMFG i feel so bad for poor Hayato. Wish he could have a happy ending
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She kind of hides her feelings behind a mask. She isn't very patient. And she totally spazzes sometimes, but she is cool and collected sometimes too.
At first he attacks Sion and looks as though he plans to use force, but Sion sees his wound and offers to fix him up. So then we have some kid sewing ...
Definition of Friends . (Manga from: Omairi Desu Yo by: Yamamoto Kotetsuko)
Then again, some of it could be considered illusions too. Maybe they figured all the other things they said would fry the audiences brain so they decided to ...
For instance, I sort of guessed one was a tranny but you know in anime you think it's a guy, but it's a girl and vice versa. So I wasn't sure and ...
She is one of the antagonists in the series, so one might say that she is the evil twin.
Normally I'm not into the whole kissing scenes or romance crap but in this case, it was kinda cute. It's two guys, but still. You have the badass, serious, ...
As I said before, the characters are average. Nothing is too peculiar. Most of the characters remain pretty static, but it's not too bad.
A strange girl with fire abilities crashes through his window demanding he hand over the extractor, the trunk, except he doesn't know what she means so he ...
Yamamoto Kotetsuko
We have Shuri who has guns in her arms and legs, litterally, and reminds me a bit of Revy from Black Lagoon. We GD's which I don't really know what the ...
Lucky Number 13 by Kotetsuko Yamamoto Lucky Number 13, Yamamoto, Numbers, Content,
I don't really understand why Tomoharu has this one piece of hair that is longer than all the rest. It's a bit inconsistent with how ...
The situation isn't that strange at first, though I wouldn't call it normal. The main character is a boy, Tomoharu, who is about to start high school.
Then Tomoharu meets the first student council president, Saeki, who is one of the people who destroyed his house. Saeki wants him to join the first student ...
Honto Yajuu - chapter 14 Honto Yajuu, Manga To Read, Yamamoto, Reading Online
Then a strange classmate brings a trunk case to his house. Apparently she knows his brother who is supposedly off studying abroad. Again, nothing too weird.
Then it gets a bit crazy. Suddenly there are two different groups at least plus the girl, Shuri, who brought the trunk, that show up at his house demanding ...
Toru Kitsutaka was the president of the third student council after Tomoharu Natsume takes her place.
Saito picked up two points in Prague while Duke completed a 6-0 run on Sunday to pull himself into contention. Heading out of the tournament, ...
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Dorm Mistress (寮長先生) An unusual young girl with cat ears who looks after Dorm No. 2 which Kanako is assigned to. She is addressed as "Miss Dorm Leader" ...
After that everything is going into storage. I can still take orders after that, but it might take a year or two to fulfill them.
A Certain Magical Index Badass kind male lead Me Me Me Anime, Anime Art,
Kannon Hakuorou (白狼観音) A deity who prowls the Jōga, carrying out
Strange Object May Be Milky Way's Second-Largest Black Hole (and a Cosmic Missing Link)
Part 5 ... Neko Eren and Levi // AoT
Been ...
Manga / Honto Yajuu
Fujiwara no Mokou and Kaguya Houraisan from Touhou Project a.a the Immortal Couple 💘 ===DAILY RANKING Thank you again for Pixiv Daily Ranking Number I've ...
Read manga Honto Yajuu Vol.007 Ch.015a Read Online online in high quality
There wasn't a whole lot of detail in the scene. Again, they worked it so you didn't really see more than some lifeless faces and some spattered blood.
Download high-res image (464KB) ...
A lot of the characters seem rather disconnected and random as well. Like the sickly little girl. What is her purpose? Her connection to the rest of the ...
City Hunter is about this gay name Ryo. He helps p more...0 points
When Eren thinks 'innocently-perv' lol #eren #erenjaeger #levi #leviackerman #levixeren #ereri #riren #rivaiere #aot #attackontitan #snk #shingekinokyojin ”
The Big O is about the citizens of Paradigm City, who after a mysterious occurrence forty years before, can't remember anything before that time.
but I like more this one
Stuff like the area where you're inside the ship, that atmosphere of pipes and rust… I was amazed at what he pulled off with such a limited color palette!
Huge Guy, Tiny Girl
I don't really understand why Tomoharu has this one piece of hair that is longer than all the rest. It's a bit inconsistent with how ...
For instance, in episode 7 (spoiler alert) when Kuniko is put on death row, Kunihito acts as if he cares about her. The two had fought a couple times and ...
Forest of Gray City
"Alright ...
"Time ...
... just outside the top 16 at Grand Prix Hanover last weekend, Tomoharu Saito went back to the drawing board, gutting his Naya Zoo deck and rebuilding it.
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Saint Seiya DVD 1
Ricardo Botelho
Arcadia of My Youth [わが青春のアルカディア Waga Seishun no Arcadia] (1982) AKA Vengeance of the Space Pirates, My Youth in Arcadia
In the episode "She's the Mayor," Stacy ...
There are a million different breathing exercises (for a million different goals) that you can consider if you find this topic interesting, but if not then ...
take that cigarette out of his mouth and it would be so much hotter!
Shiki's real form ...
-A teleporter can easily destroy him.
As I said before, the characters are average. Nothing is too peculiar. Most of the characters remain pretty static, but it's not too bad.
Misao gets annoyed and pulls Kanade away, calling Tomoharu an idiot virgin. It seems the decision to save the world was much easier than this…
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Of course, I can't round this column off without a surprise guest. If the three robots I mentioned first are kind of like a Getter Team of combining robot ...
Asura Cryin is about Natsume Tomoharu, a normal high-school student with one difference; he has a ghost, Misao, as his best friend.
Noche de cine con el gran Capitán Harlock ! #captainharlock #harlock #albator #
did. you
Here is the Haruka and Juuri scene that leads up to the kiss and then the kiss. See how contextually they are sooooo very different?!
You need to be a little careful around Fat-Bot. Don't talk about his weight, or his heavy breathing, or about the massive, endless trail of empty Doritos ...
A Certain Magical Index is a story of Toma Kamijo and his crazy life in Academic City. Many students in this city are called espers, people with unique ...
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And that's the joy of reading a manga like this.. Because if you yourself are an otaku or know about gaming, anime, manga, Japanese life etc. then you will ...
Guilty Crown follows the life of Shu Ouma. He lives in post-apocalyptic Japan after the nation was brought to its knees by the aptly named apocalypse virus.
... and will also feature other AKB48 group members, as well as Japanese actors Tetsuya Bessho, Takahiro Miura, Tomoharu Hasegawa, and Tomohiro Kaku.
We GD's which I don't really know what the point of them is. We have Dark society and light society and second student council, I forget what they are.
Reduce External Distractions
I KNOW. TOMOHARU LOOKS SO BADASS. HE COULD PULL OFF BEING A YAKUZA | ~Yamamoto Kotetsuko~ | Pinterest | Mamma, Lol och Läsning