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Emperor Kaito I of the Eastern Commonwealth will so be married
Emperor Kaito I of the Eastern Commonwealth will so be married! Stock up on Tissues now ladies! We will be doing a Live Net Broadcast the day of the ...
Kaito fanart da
Kai and cinder by taratjah-d8h1rbp
Kaito Portrait
Kaito Full Body Shot
Prince/ Emperor Kaito from the Lunar Chronicles Scarlet Lunar Chronicles, Marissa Meyer, Ya
From the Queen of Luna and the Emperor of the Eastern Commonwealth.
Linh Cinder Full Body Shot
Thorne and Cress are so adorable together! < <
Linh Cinder X Emperor Kai by mimeo040996 on DeviantArt
Levana Blackburn
Cinderand kai by abbidasquirrel-d6hozf0
My life is complete! Lunar Chronicles Books
by emma-is-a-cat
Cinder & Iko by ana-dante I've never seen art of them in the eastern commonwealth after the events of tlc and I love it. "
Emperor Kaito of the Eastern Commonwealth
In a human and android-filled world, Linh Cinder was both. Due to her being a cyborg, she was good at fixing machinery and was known as the best mechanic in ...
Cinder tumblr fa
Channary Blackburn
The Lunar Queen
Linh Cinder Portrait
lunar royalty: blackburn
Challenging the mind and body never resting
Greetings from New Beijing Marissa Meyer Books, The Lunar Chronicles, Pop Of Color,
Cress by is out! It's my favorite book in the series, and I might even say adorable Cress is my favorite of the heroines. Plus, there's so much Thorne-y ...
i so far enjoyed every page its one of the most beautiful things I've ever read .
A New Beginning - Lunar Chronicles
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Lunar Chronicles- The Earthen Union-- so apparently the eastern commonwealth is a lot
Linh Cinder - Chloe Bennet
Scarlet as depicted on The Lunar Chronicles wikia site http://lunarchronicles.wikia
by Granger_Girl888. Follow
Ellgan & Jarissa. OC commission by the insanely talented and absolutely wonderful, @shanlightyear.
Thorne looks sorta ooc… I originally wanted to have Kai call him cadet and Thorne respond with 'that's captain to you, pretty boy' buuut I enjoyed Kai's ...
The Lunar Chronicles: Welcome To Camp Half blood (SLOW UPDATES)
"The background is red, just like the Chinese flag. The Eastern Commonwealth is ruled by an Emperor, and in China the dragon symbolizes the Emperors reign.
The lunar chronicles: Lets Text
NoLife-sama 10 2 Winter by NightmareSiren
I think that Kai and Cinder wouldn't get much sleep at night during the revolution. Worrying if the other was alive, or how much longer they were going to ...
Wolf (Ze'ev Kesley) - Ryan Guzman
Lunar Chronicles Character Poems
Castle of glass by abbidasquirrel-d6w41yo
“your weakness is clear now, i see your kind eyes”
Izarra (A The Lunar Chronicles Fanfiction)
Empress of China
Queen Levana by AbbiDaSquirrel
Abraham is usually a soft spoken person. This is contrasted by the fact that Abraham apparently has a fondness for large guns. He is very Tech talented.
This was so much fun! I'm also planning on casting another book, but I'll let everyone else have a turn first. I hope you've enjoyed my picks. -Hillary
Cress: Chroniques lunaires #3
... children married, she does a lot of interfering and scheming. While she is supportive of the suffrage movement, she is not involved like Arabella is .
Since her life's goal is to see all of her children married, she does a lot of interfering and scheming.
Porsheee 11 16 After the Wedding ~ excerpt by OfficialWinxella
Just finished “Stars Above” from the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. Sometimes you never realize how strongly characters have taken root in your heart ...
1. Brittany Ishibashi
Day 4 Garden
#(f)mcm: Lucien from A Court of Thorns & Roses
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Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles Book 2) by [Meyer, Marissa]
The community's cover image.
This book is horrible. I have no idea why anybody likes it. It may indeed be my least favorite book and believe me, I have read some crap. So many people ...
TLC - It's been a while by Sorcaron
Spades and Aces A Lunar Chronicles Continuation
Cress by Marissa Meyer ...
Empress Selene (WIP)
The boy is whisked off to Sector 7, a train-like station for arrivals and departures of all sorts of clouds. Then he goes to an “Assignment Station” from ...
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... 40. she ...
taratjah 344 16 TLCSW 15-16 - Rainy Day by NightmareSiren
The heroine, Meg is the daughter of former super-model Fleur Savagar and playwright-actor Jake Koranda of Glitter Baby. Feeling inadequate in her ...
Due to Levana's pressuring he is forced to marry her, however according to everyone he was never truly married to her. He falls for Cinder.
Hey guys - - - - - - #lunarchronicles #winter #cress #scarlet
It was a good and fast-paced story and had lot of funny moments but angsty moments as well. BTW: You should also read The Great Escape, so you can see what ...
I'm going to throw this pu-erh in your face